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Celebrate A Movement

In a couple days we will celebrate our feisty not-for-profit’s 1st official year. I’ll also take the opportunity to celebrate my own half a century on this planet. I am inviting you to celebrate with us.

Community organizations, politicians, celebrities and you can take this opportunity to make a statement about what we can and will do to rapidly and collaboratively develop communities like those on Chicago’s south and west sides. Join us at Microsoft or You can send your 1 – 3 minute clip here.

BEYOND 1% Build upon and be a part of a movement for change. The movement: move the needle on the 1% of venture capital investment in minorities entrepreneurs. At less than one percent, the US hasn’t scratched the surface and our economies have no idea what our under-represented groups can bring to the economic table. Come together to be the example. What would you do if given the highest levels of support?

I ask this of our leaders of whom we have expected so much for so long. This question is asked of the Black frat, politician, celebrity and of course the Black Church. Join us with your statement of Movement: What will you do as we come together to go beyond 1%? More specific: what will you do to We’ll show your video during our celebration. You can send your 1 – 3 minute clip here.

Colony 5 is hosting this relaxed and informal occasion to highlight the work we are doing, make some significant announcements and connect the many people and organizations that support the notion of applied technology impacting economic & social good.

Whether it’s your word or presence, I hope to see you there.

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