The Array of Opportunity pilot is meant to demonstrate the process and outcomes we believe to be most expedient and effective in revitalizing areas of the south and west sides of Chicago through social impact investment. 


The Array of Opportunity name is a play on the Array of Things urban sensing network, and the long-term capital now widely available to distressed communities via Opportunity Funds or O Funds.  The pilot will leverage both as a composite advantage for communities.

Upon the completion of the pilot, we’ll have a data-rich perspective on mobility related to the environment and public safety, collaborative investment in local businesses, and may even see a team of drones respond to a 911 fire emergency. 


We will then replicate the best practices to scale to other similar areas.  This offers citizens; individual and corporate, the opportunity to participate in a living lab that demonstrates impact of civic tech at ground level.

Join us in the most transparent approach to community reinvestment. This is where the rubber meets the road.

All the best,


Steven C. Philpott, Sr.

Managing Director, Colony 5